Aged Care & 

   Retirement Placement Services 




Aged Care Accommodation, Nursing Homes & Hostels

Navigating the systems for accessing aged care accommodation is not easy. Finding the right nursing home, hostel or community service can be difficult and time consuming.

Our consultants can assist you





 We like to meet with you and can

  • Visit you in your home, your office or workplace or your parentís home if this is preferred.

  • Spend time explaining the system, and outlining the steps involved, the application process and practical issues to consider about moving into residential accommodation.

  • Discuss your needs and preferences, including your preferred location.

  • Explore the best range of services and accommodation options available for you to consider.

  • Liaise with government departments.

  • Complete documentation and application forms.

  • Provide transport and accompany you to visit the nursing homes or hostels of your choice.

  • Follow up with your preferred nursing home or hostel until placement is secured.

How our Clients Benefit

  • Reduce the stress, and confusion.

  • Understand the Aged Care System

  • Reduce the pressure of completing all documents

  • Reduce the time involved in identifying aged care facilities that suit your preferences.

  • Accompany you to visit your preferred facility